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17th October 2015

4.30-5.30 How to Draw Half-Arsed Cartoons: The Art of Viz
BAC: Screen 1

Roll up! Roll up! For your amusement and delectation, Viz editors Graham Dury and Simon Thorp will be drawing a selection of their comic characters whilst simultaneously answering your questions about their 35 years of writing, drawing and editing the comic without the aid of a safety net! Imagine the awe and excitement as the Fat Slags, Roger Mellie, Finbarr Saunders, Mrs Brady and many more Viz favourites manifest themselves in ink before your very eyes! Not suitable for children, pregnant ladies or those of a nervous disposition. Please note, anyone asking “Where do you get your ideas from?” will be ejected from the auditorium. Entry to this event comes complete with a voucher entitling the bearer to one piece of Viz tat from the Viz Exhibition at the Pop-Up Emporium . Compered by John McShane.

Tickets: £8
Satire theme


17th October 2015

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