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18th October 2015

11.00-12.00 The Art of Dave McKean
BAC: Theatre

Arguably the most prolific artist of the past 50 years, Dave McKean has illustrated Richard Dawkins’ child-friendly The Magic of Reality, worked with the Rolling Stones (Voodoo Lounge), designed more than 150 album covers (Tori Amos, Counting Crows, Alice Cooper and Michael Nyman) and created the magical beasts of two Harry Potter films. Yet it was during his time as a young art student when McKean began his life-changing partnership with Neil Gaiman – conjuring the darkly comic, multi-award winning novella Coraline and the dream-weaving covers for The Sandman, Violent Cases and Black Orchid. Since illustrating the most successful graphic novel of all time, Batman: Arkham Asylum, McKean has continued to transcend styles and trends. His self-penned Cages won several awards for the year’s best graphic novel. And then there are his children’s books… He is currently working on a fourth film, a new graphic novel called Caligaro, and more. Join Chris Thompson for a rare chance to see him in action and to delve into the mind of a living genius.

Tickets: £8
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18th October 2015

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