Stereo Naked

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4th November 2022

Doors 7.30pm | Tickets £12.50 | Support Rain of Animals | Malt Room Cabaret

Stereo Naked consist of bass, banjo, and vocal harmonies. Restless and soulful, the band have made themselves at home on the road, tallying up a marathon’s worth of concerts and tours since releasing their debut album “Roadkill Highway”. The mixture of folk and indie in their musical palette has created a dappled scene. Feminine charm mingles with a dash of dark cynicism, while yodelling odes tell tales of uncertain love and there’s a simple honesty to it all. 

Each song is a small handmade story that never loses its plot, inviting the listener to stay with each phrase.

Stereo Naked has pulled off a cunning trick: repackaging their shared passion for Bluegrass, to take it out of its niche and use it to captivate a wider audience. What’s more, they’ve done it while filling out the genre with their own special magic, all pithy charm and intricate empathy. 

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4th November 2022

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