South Lakes Archive Film Night + Live Q&A

Cinema | (U) | 120 minutes |
15th September 2022

South Lakes Archive Film Night + Live Q&A | Thu 15 Sep | (U) 90mins | Screen 2

The South Lakes Archive Film Night is a specially curated evening of archive footage from across the South Lakes, introduced by Geoff Senior, the North West Film Archives Collections Assistant, based at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

This unique collection of films, ranging from 2 – 20 minutes, will delve into the recent history of the region and look at the diverse industries and people that make up this rural part of the UK. Geoff will then deliver a post-screening discussion, shedding light on some of the places mentioned in the films, and an opportunity for the audience to get to know the history of our community.

The North West Film Archives are home to historical footage, home movies, newsreels and adverts; over 50,000 items of film and video are found, preserved and shared for public, educational and professional use. Film can open a window into the past and the present in ways that can be powerful, moving and unexpected, and the North West Film Archives are a specialist resource dedicated to saving and growing our region’s rich filmed history.


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15th September 2022

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