Sonita (PG) 91mins 2015

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3rd January 2017 – 4th January 2017

Sonita is a normal teenage girl with heaps of attitude. She idolises Rhianna, gossips with the other girls and fights with her older brother.  She dreams of being a famous rapper one day.

But as an Afghan teen living in Tehran, her dreams are dangerous: the Iranian government doesn’t allow girls to sing, and at home, she is expected to become a teenage bride. Stopping at nothing to achieve her dreams, Sonita’s inspirational and heartwarming story shines a light into the lives of ordinary people in Iran and Afghanistan, too often seen as just numbers in a news report.

★★★★★  “Triumphant…endlessly surprising” – Nigel M. Smith, The Guardian

“Inspiring…a certified crowd-pleaser” – Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

“Puts a defiant face and expressive voice to a resistance that needs to be as loud as possible.” –

“Everyone falls in love with Sonita in this film…” – Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily



3rd January 2017 – 4th January 2017

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