Roundabout @ Grasmere – Fat Roland – Sleeve Notes

Comedy |
15th September 2018

We all want to be ethical: eat organic, shop local, help a rainforest across the road, hug a wasp. But how’s that possible when there’s so much Netflix to watch in our underpants and, er, well, basically the Netflix thing? Writer and comedian Fat Roland wonders what he has truly contributed to society, all through the lens of a rambling idiot obsessed with techno and cartoons. Taking in the best bits from his solo comedy story shows, and his own record collection from 2 Unlimited to Joy Division, ‘Sleeve Notes’ offers an ear-tickling commentary on what it is to be a better person.

Fat Roland is a standup spoken word artist who has been likened to “Johnny Vegas devouring Sam Simmons… on a rollercoaster…. driven by a depressed buffalo”. His third solo show Seven Inch made its debut at The Lowry in 2018 following two previous shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. He is champion of Literary Death Match Manchester and co-runs Bad Language, voted the UK’s best spoken word night two years in a row.

“Fat Roland is a comedic onslaught of musical puns, cultural references, and audience interaction… It is clear that Fat Roland is more than familiar with performance, knowing exactly how to get the room roaring with laughter, from start to finish… A fantastic combination of comedy, cartoons, and creativity.” Upstaged Manchester’s ***** review of Seven Inch.


15th September 2018

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