12th June 2018

12 & 19 June | Tuesday | 10.30am – 4.30pm | Chris Barnes | Max 12 people | £110.00 

Raku at the Brewery offers an introduction to this exciting and dramatic firing process. You will make small sculptures and pots in suitable clay which will then be fired outside in The Brewery Garden on week two in a gas fired Raku kiln. At the peak temperature the kiln is unloaded with tongs into bins of straw with ensuing clouds of smoke and flame. Participation with the firing and smoking of the hot pots is encouraged. We hope students will come away with equally dramatic pieces of work.

The class is run with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A creative approach to design and making is encouraged.

What do I need to bring with me? Are there any additional costs?

Please bring an apron and/or wear old clothes. Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them. A small charge is made for clay used on the course.

More details on the course:

During the course you will:

  • Make clay sculptures and pottery suitable for Raku firing using techniques such as pinch pots and slab building.
  • Glaze your work and decorate it for Raku firing.
  • Learn about & work with the limitations and strengths of the material and Raku process.
  • Be given an appreciation of the surface and textural qualities possible with the process.
  • Be given a practical introduction to Raku glaze firing.

Your tutor will discuss the course content with the class and may make some adjustments to the syllabus based on the needs of the group. He will also try to accommodate individual requirements where possible.
These are practical making days. There will be a break of 30 minutes for lunch.

Access and facilities: 

Most of the Brewery is accessible for those who consider themselves to have a disability. There is a lift to all floors within the main building and adapted toilets. On occasion classes may take place outside the main building with access via stairs only.  Please contact the Adult Learning Team on 01539 722833 Ext 273/275 if you wish to discuss any specific needs or email adult.ed.admin@breweryarts.co.uk


12th June 2018

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