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19th September 2014

1980. Wimbledon. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe face each other across the net: the self-controlled champion and the impassioned upstart. An epic rivalry comes to a head.  A six-year old boy watches and learns.  

Bjorn Borg epitomised tennis cool. He was everything Jamie and his brother wanted to be. Then John McEnroe came along and Jamie was beaten, along with Borg. Thirty years of torment and self-questioning later, Jamie is ready to face his greatest opponent.  Beating McEnroe is a new solo show from award-winning theatre maker Jamie Wood about a pivotal moment.  With the help of his audience, amongst vivid, surprising images, Jamie performs a cathartic ritual: recreating and reliving the last point of one fateful match until he is finally able to move on in his life.
Beating McEnroe is about being a younger brother and a bad loser. It is about competition and control, vitriol and zen. It is about rivalry and love and how they can both better us and destroy us. It is funny, familiar and strangely beautiful.

‘Spending an hour in the company of his imagination is dizzying.. always unpredictable, utterly hilarious and often giddily uplifting…one of the oddest, most original and entertaining hours you’re likely to spend in a theatre.’ – Tom Wicker, Exeunt Magazine

‘Beating McEnroe is as funny as the best comedy, super-theatrical & entirely unlike anything else.’ Brian Logan, Comedy Critic, The Guardian 

Beating McEnroe was shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form at Edinburgh 2013 and won Ovalhouse's From Edinburgh with Love award.

Please click here to visit Jamie wood's website. 

Venue: Studio

Age Rec:12+


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WUTHERING HEIGHTS: 'Featuring overly high drama, romantic violence, a touch of Yorkshire bleakness and a few alternative endings, Peter McMaster’s award-winning, all-male performance revisits and re-imagines the landscapes and characters of Emily Bronte’s seminal text.

THE ICY MAN: A story about the cold. On a winter’s night, a woman goes out walking in the snow and encounters a stranger in a frozen field. The next morning, she wakes up and finds that everything has changed…

LOVE LETTERS STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: An event that is somewhere between a wedding reception, a wake and a radio dedication show. We speak of our own and other's loves – deep, passionate, ambivalent and unrequited – and dedicate songs to them. Send a dedication to someone you love to info@uninvited-guests.net. Your letters of love may become part of the show.

BEATING MCENROE: 1980. Wimbledon. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe face each other across the net: the self-controlled champion and the impassioned upstart. An epic rivalry comes to a head.  A six-year old boy watches and learns. 

MY HEART IS HITCHHIKING DOWN PEACHTREE STREET: A one-man show about living far away from home. It’s about the stories you tell people when they ask you where you’re from. It’s about learning that once you leave, you can’t go back.

WHEN WE EMBRACED: A show about embracing things you’ve not embraced before, or at least haven’t admitted to out loud. Maybe now is the time to do it.

THE WATERY JOURNEY OF NEREUS PIKE: This is a new, extraordinary tale of myth, magic, adventure and angler fish! Expect sea creatures, animations, glowsticks, an epic tale of love and adventure, and a nautical jumper.


19th September 2014

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