QUICK STRIPS – Myriad authors and friends

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19th October 2013

A myriad of comic artists, some famous, others emerging, will talk about and present an aspect of their work-in-progress for a maximum of 6 minutes each. It may be a get-rich-quick view of their current book, or a special preview glimpse of what their next book is about, or what pens they use, or how they found a publisher. Compered by Nicola Streeten, coordinator of Laydeez Do Comics, and author of Billy, Me & You, and in association with Corinne Pearlman of Myriad Editions. 

Featuring Myriad authors Darryl Cunningham, Kate Evans, Hannah Eaton, Gareth Brookes, Nye Wright, Ian Williams, Julie Homersham  and Nicola Streeten plus festival guests Kate Charlesworth,  Inko, Andy Poyiadji and Ivan Petrus.

Venue: The Box, Kendal College Arts Campus, Beezon Rd Kendal


19th October 2013

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