Piano For Beginners

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17th September 2019

17 Sep – 3 Dec | 6.30 – 8.30pm | Tutor Kate Thomas | £126 (10 weeks)

An informal and relaxed course on which you will learn to play keyboard instruments from scratch. During the course, you will develop different ways to approach new music including reading musical notation, improvising and playing from lead sheets. You will learn the best way to practise while developing a strong basic technique.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught?

Piano for beginners will be taught using individual keyboards in a group setting. All keyboards have headphones for individual work but will also be used for group playing.

The course will be split into the following sections:

  • introductory rhythm work;
  • piano technique;
  • practise technique;
  • music theory
  • chords and improvisation.

There will be an opportunity for one on one teaching in each session, and as well as working towards group performances you will set your own goals and work towards them

By the end of the course/workshop you will:

  • Be able to read simple music on the piano in both treble and bass clef
  • Be able to find simple chords on the piano and accompany simple songs/pieces
  • Be able to improvise over a simple chord structure

Important Information
Please note there are no classes on the following dates:
Autumn term: 21 to 25 October; 11 to 13 October & 11 to 17 November

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them.

Are there any additional costs?


About the tutor

Kate Thomas is a pianist, singer and double-bassist originally from Gloucestershire. She moved to Kendal following 10yrs as the lead music teacher in an outstanding London school and the organist and choirmaster of St. Luke’s church, W12. She currently teaches at a local primary school and runs children’s music classes in Kendal. She teaches piano privately across all levels and ages.



17th September 2019

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