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27th April 2022

Write Your Own Screenplay | Wed 27 April to 25 May | 6.30 – 8.30pm | £68 (5wks) | 16+ | Tutor Becca Ellson | Venue Warehouse

New to screenwriting with a story to tell? Or have some experience but need a refresh? A series of workshops and exercises to kick start your screenplay and develop it into a first draft under the guidance of an industry professional.

What will the class cover and how will it be taught?
Over 5 weeks we will use writing exercises to inspire you and to get your story onto the page, helping you find its core themes and drawing out your unique storytelling voice.

Each week we’ll look closely at a different element of screenwriting such as: Character Development; Action & Dialogue; Story Structures; World Building; Theme & Tone; and Audience expectations. We’ll look at examples of conventional (and unconventional) techniques that you can use to get your story to the first draft of a feature film.

Come prepared to share your work in a supportive environment where we’ll build your confidence and give you the tools to bring your story to life.

Who is it suitable for?
Suitable for complete beginners, or screenwriters with some experience. This is a class for storytellers who’re ready to aim for a feature and who want to embrace the creative and technical process of visual storytelling on the page.

What do I need to bring?
A laptop or pen and paper.

Are there any additional costs?

About the tutor
With 25 years of experience in film and TV and with over 25 credits as a Development Producer or Script Editor, Becca Ellson has worked with the BFI, BBC, Lighthouse and independent filmmakers to develop films that have garnered multiple awards and nominations including 6 BAFTA nominations, an Academy Award nomination, a Cannes Critiques Week Canal+ winner and a Welsh BAFTA winner.

Her own dramatic fiction has been performed on stage and screen and she currently has several screenplays funded and non-funded development. Becca worked for several years for Guiding Lights, the UK film industry’s high profile mentoring scheme, and was a tutor in screenwriting at Ravensbourne College, University of London. She is also currently a part-time tutor in film production at Kendal College.

Becca Ellson

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27th April 2022

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