Cinema My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (PG) 111 minutes

Pro wrestling champion Hiroshi Tanahashi makes his acting debut as the gentle giant dad to nine-year-old Shota, whose understanding of goodies versus baddies is challenged in the wrestling arena when he discovers his father is actually the despicable heel wrestler Cockroach (Gokiburi) Mask.

Confronted by the idea of having a father that cowardly grapples people and blinds them with bug spray, Shota misleads his classmates into believing his father is the popular blonde babyface Dragon George instead. Shota’s lie creates a rift between his classmates and family, while his dad hopes to be taken seriously by the wrestling community once more. But Cockroach Mask is not without his zealous fans, such as journalist Michiko, who are excitedly looking forward to the special round between the underdog and hero.

Inspired by the children’s book Papa no shigoto wa warumono desu, first-time director Kyohei Fujimura conveys a heartwarming tale about the man behind the Cockroach Mask.


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