Cinema LICAF FILM 5: The Stink of Flesh (18) 85 minutes

Wandering a zombie wasteland, matool survives by his wits, animal instinct and an array of trusty hand tools to fend of the ravenous flesh eating hordes of the undead.

Eventually he discovers Dexy and Nathan, and three team up (in more ways than one!) to survive, but slowly their group descend into a downward spiral of jealousy, fear, and paranoia.

The Stink of Flesh will be  Introduced by Kurly Tlapoyawa.
Kurly Tlapoyawa (The Hardcore Archaeologist) is an author, archaeologist, filmmaker, and professional stuntman. Kurly is a long-time champion of independent filmmaking, and is best known for starring in the cult horror film The Stink of Flesh. His credits include Breaking Bad, Crank 2, Get Shorty, and Sicario. He co-wrote the book “Direct Your Own Damn Movie” with Troma President and Indie Film legend Lloyd Kaufman, and most recently appeared in the sequel to Sicario “Day of the Soldado.”


The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate


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