Festivals Let’s Talk Rubbish: Workshop With Mark Waldron

Sun 21 Jun | 10am-1pm | £16.50 | Castle Room

Poetry is often most interesting when it lets go of the side of the pool. When the poem has to improvise to stay afloat. In those panicky moments the unconscious might express itself. Language always wants to run along the familiar runnels it was built for, but it can be made, or encouraged at least, to pop out of those runnels for a moment. We’ll look at examples of poems where that seems to be happening, and we’ll look at techniques that might help it happen in our own work. From cut-ups to formal constraints. We’ll also look at the use of nonsense in poetry, and how the surrealists opened up possibilities, gave us, as Mallarmé put it, La grande permission. However cleverly constructed a poem might be, however profound or touching, I think readers want to experience those moments of abandon. Moments of freedom from the tyranny of language and sense.


The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate


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