Kpf – Children’s Poetry Event With Dean Parkin

8th September 2018

Saturday 2.30 – 3.15 pm | Children’s Poetry Event with Dean Parkin

Kendal Library


A magical afternoon of snappy new poems read by the ever-entertaining poet Dean Parkin as he reads from his first book for children. The Bubble Wrap is packed with playful and peculiar poems that seriously uncover the ups and downs of childhood – losing shoes on the first day of High School, burying a sister’s Barbie doll in the back garden or the best things about a sneeze.  Discover the seagull that thinks it’s an eagle, good words to send by bubble (and the best way to wrap it) or the noise a cow makes… going backwards downstairs. It’s also a chance to find out other uses for a smart phone without it leaving your hand, which day to wear what colour scarf or what exactly spagnats are for?

Suitable for children of all ages – from five to ninety five!

If you haven’t picked up your tickets before the day, please head straight to the venue with ID for event entry.


8th September 2018

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