KMF: The Best of Kendal World Film Tour 2014/15

Cinema |
16th April 2015

Thu 16 Apr | 7.30pm

Best of Kendal – World Film Tour

Unmissable – The best action and adventure films from around the world!
Each year the very best films from Kendal Mountain Festival are hand-picked to travel the world on the Best of Kendal World Film Tour.

Audiences across the UK and around the world get to experience the essence and inspiration of Kendal with a selection of the hottest action sports films.

Professional Climbers and goofballs Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright attempt to climb 45 Desert towers in the iconic “Four Corners of the United States, by bike. Sometimes Hilarious, sometimes epic, and usually quite beautiful, Sufferfest 2 is a lot of fun to watch because it was absolutely heinous to achieve. From 60kph sandstorms, and over 1200 kilometers of biking, to bike wrecks and horribly loose rock, this truly an experience… and it has a puppy.


16th April 2015

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