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18th October 2015

1.00-2.00 King Trash: Michael DeForge
Venue: Shakespeare Centre

“The world of child mafias, gooey relatable beasts, funky leathery space dudes, soft bodies, diseased bodies, and crusty bodies, is the world of DeForge. Toronto-based Michael DeForge is running amok in the independent comics scene. He is consistently putting out top-notch work executed in his very distinct style, a style that allows for plenty of room for experimentation while still being immediately recognizable as the “DeForge touch”. At the age of 24, with just a few years solidly devoted to comics, it’s amazing to imagine what he will achieve in his lifetime. On top of that, he devises props and effects for the wonderful Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. He has the drive. He has the look. He has it all. He is King Trash.” Michael Olivo, May 2012.

So where is he now? Well he’ll be here at the festival in conversation with Chris Butcher (Director, Toronto Comic Art Festival), drawing for us and demonstrating how he has more than lived up to the title King Trash.

Tickets: £8
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18th October 2015

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