Kendal Mountain Festival Uk Tour 2020

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13th October 2020

Kendal Mountain Film Tour 2020

Fire up your imagination with a thrilling night of adventure on our 2020 UK Film Tour! We’ve curated this fantastic set of films, featuring ultra running, surfing, slacklining and outdoor swimming… taking you around the world from Cuba to Ireland, London to Vietnam. With especially recorded segments from the heart of The Lake District; Festival Director – Steve Scott and Artistic Director – Claire Carter carefully guide viewers through each film, sharing unique insights and reflections, alongside some great interviews from key filmmakers from across the globe.

The Films

Ultra Addict

In 2018, Courtney Dauwalter battled for two days and 205 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Lack of sleep, race mishaps and a relentless competitor pursued her as she was pushing her limits, running towards the overall victory. You learn a lot about yourself when a race goes well, but you learn even more when it all goes sideways.

The Imaginary Line

In February 2019, the US government declared a ‘national state of emergency’ on the southern border… in an act of solidarity, a team from Mexico and a team from the U.S.A assembled with the sole purpose of establishing a slackline that crossed the border between them.

Boys From The Back Of Beyond

In 2016 brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan became the world’s unlikeliest Olympic heroes when they won Ireland’s first ever rowing medal. Hailing from tiny Skibeereen, west Cork, this is the uplifting underdog story of how a rural community took on the elite sport of rowing.

Surf Cuba

Inside the communist country of Cuba exists a small but passionate community of surfers who, due to a lack of economic opportunity and governmental support for the sport, number no more than 150. This film colourfully documents the Cuban surf community’s struggles and how they overcome them in order to pursue their passion.

The Home For Broken Toys

The film follows the team through one season to explore their motivations for braving the extreme cold each week, a decision which seems alien to the filmmaker. The reasons she discovers are by turns comedic, poignant, and profound.

Chu Bien

Set amidst the emerald waters and soaring limestone islets of coastal Vietnam, Captain ‘Chu’ Bien spends more time in a modest boat at sea than at home. Embodying simplicity – the items he uses daily can be counted on one hand – he confirms that happiness and fulfilment are found in the relationships we forge, not the things we accumulate.

Sketching The Alps

Running through the Alps it is important to stop and smell the roses… or at least sketch them.

Life Of Pie

A story about pizza and bikes, and how the combination really can fix anything!

Turn Of Mind

A look at how Nicholas Wolken connects to Mother Nature and why he chooses to do so. He takes to the Swiss mountains with a few good friends to pay homage to the landscape and the scenery that fuel his passion for snowboarding.


13th October 2020

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