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30th July 2016

Kendal Arts Community was established in 2011. The main organisers are Zoe Baker, Claire Griffel and Angela- Lee Kennedy. It is a small group of Kendal based artists, artisans, craftsmen and writers who met at Ruskin’s bar to chat about the idea of creating a Kendal based art community which was open to all. They aim to include as many people as they can across a wide range of disciplines and abilities to encourage artistic development in the local area. There is no joining fee and all roles are voluntary.  Zoe Baker and Claire Griffel are the instigators of the piece in Angel’s yard and it is inspired by the story of the Angel.  A huge thank you to the group for their involvement and for their generosity in volunteering over the festival.

The legend goes that in 1745 Bonny Prince Charlie’s troops broke into the Angel Inn.  The Innkeeper and his family fled.  In the panic a child was left to the murdering hoards.  An angel stood behind her brandishing a sword and the soldiers fled.  Look out for the carved Angel by local sculptor, Danny Clahane.


30th July 2016

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