Art Jane Rushton: Breathing Spaces

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From northern Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard my work engages with the particularities of landscape and is underpinned by an awareness of the processes at play within it. It offers an exploration of the experience of being within landscapes rather than depicting them directly.

I am consistently attracted towards edges and boundaries, where states merge: where competition between plant communities occurs, where the microscopically slow growth of lichens that create a rich palimpsest on rocks can be explored, where subtly changing atmospheric conditions and the littoral landscape move before one’s eyes, and where shifting ice margins and the ever-changing state of the polar cryosphere happen.

Integral to my process is walking, watching, listening, and being within landscapes.

The visual focus shifts between micro and macro, but the aim is the same – to say ‘I’ve seen you’, and through the work, to provoke visual curiosity, contemplation and reverie in the viewer.

Jane Rushton is based near Mallaig in the Scottish Highlands.


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