Jana Sojka – Retro Nature

Exhibition |
25th July 2018 – 29th September 2018

Intro Gallery | FREE

After 8pm you can find me working in my little studio. I’m surrounded by the things that inspire me: interesting natural objects, collection of seedheads, old ephemera, favourite books and magazines. This is the special place where something has its beginning and ending.

I love when people view my work without knowing anything about me; it’s so intriguing. We are not meant to be defined by anything or anyone. My goal as an artist is to leave everything undefined, including myself. The most beautiful thing we can experience is mysterious.

My work is made of sensuality and intuition. Each of my collage is unique, a combination of old ephemera, magazines clippings and old photographs that I find in vintage shops. I also get a lot of support from people who help me finding beautiful pieces of past times. Each collage becomes incorporated with little drawings and marks that from one hand reveals itself in a most obscure way, but on the other hand tells me where to go and how to make it. I only observe how things follow their natural course.

I’m enthralled by the neutral colour palette, folds and wrinkles, random marks and the colour of past times.

Arranging, placing and glueing is like meditating, breathing and what’s most important – being.

It’s not about being sentimental. It’s a feeling of the passage of time. The time always overtakes our lives.


25th July 2018 – 29th September 2018

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