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6th June 2014

Inspired by the cultural debate on genetic modification and designer babies, it goes here now creates a dystopian world through contemporary dance. Intricate duets and delicate solos are brought to life by an original music score, and interplay with responsive projected images, to tell the narrative of innate human curiosity. Vigorous and energetic choreography is set in contrast with intricate and detailed physicality to expose fetishes, reveries and revulsions – and ask what it means to be human.

Tempered Body Dance Theatre embraces explosive contemporary dance to make work that explores sociopolitical issues.

Founded in 2007 by Canadian choreographer Maddy Wynne-Jones, Tempered Body is a London based nexus of artists drawn  from the full breadth of the dance spectrum, collaborating with established artists from other disciplines including writers, video designers, scientists, ethicists, musicians.

The work of the company continually investigates the integrity and strength of the human body and the frailty of the emotional landscape. As the company gains momentum they continue to deliver high quality, innovative dance work along with multi-faceted education programmes, and an in house Youth Dance Company.

Tempered Body was a resident company of Chisenhale Dance Space from 2009 – 2012, and has been Associate Company at Rich Mix since 2011.

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“I am fascinated by space and the body’s ability to exist in it. I am drawn to the architecture of the body as it locates and carves out moments and experiences in this space. I am committed to the strength and versatility of the body and aim to make work that pushes physical boundaries.” Maddy Wynne-Jones

Quotes for Tempered Body Dance Theatre

“Thrilling and daring; sometimes tender, sometimes brutal” LondonDance

“Beautiful imagery and compelling viewing. Choreographer Maddy Wynne-Jones has created movement that is gripping in every way” – Susanne Allen, Dance Critic

“Maddy Wynne-Jones’ choreography is delicate and detailed. The story unfolds like a good book.” – Chantal Pierre-Packer, The Fringe Report

“Trailblazers in terms of quality work from a small company” Libby Costello London Dance

Venue: Theatre 
Age guidance: 8+


6th June 2014

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