Initiation Love

Cinema | (15) | 110 minutes |
2nd March 2018

It was love at first sight for university student Suzuki when he met Mayu at a group date he wasn’t even meant to attend. Never popular with the girls, he was surprised when Mayu talks to him. The feeling seems mutual but Suzuki goes out of his way to win her over – from changing his clothes to drastically losing weight. After graduating, Suzuki takes up a job at a local office in Shizuoka. However, he gets relocated to the head office in Tokyo.

Suzuki is determined to carry on their relationship. However, the long distance, lack of communication, and the attentions of an attractive co-worker eventually take their toll. Is his first love worth saving?

Set in the eighties and told from the male perspective, this film is unlike your average relationship drama… and in the aftermath, the ending will have you re-thinking the story long after it ends.

Ticket includes a dish of authentic Japanese food served before the film
Doors 7.30pm | Film 8.30pm



2nd March 2018

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