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30th July 2016

‘In the Moment’ is part of Enriched by Moments, Lakeland Arts’ programme of creative and cultural activity for people living with dementia and their carers.

Responding to tales from Kendal Oral History Society, the group worked with artist Donna Campbell to illustrate the history of the rat catcher who worked in Angel Yard who would shine his light on thousands of rats and cockroaches feasting on grain from the bakery. The group also took a more abstract approach to the myth of the Angel who is said to have appeared in the yard.  A contrast from the very dark materials and things that scrabble about in the dark, the angel is simply all things light: a feeling for illumination and flight. Amongst the layered textures of white are lines of poetry which communicate these ideas. ‘In the Moment’ meet at Space2Create and is run by Abbot Hall.

You will have to look hard to find the cage of rats, left behind in a secret nook by the resident rat-catcher in Angel’s Yard.


30th July 2016

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