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17th October 2015

2.30-3.30 In God We Trust: Winshluss
BAC: Screen 1

Winshluss (real name Vincent Paronnaud) is a French artist/writer who creates outrageous, terrifying and utterly beautiful graphic novels. He has been described as “a macabre humorist with no morals”. Take a look at his latest book In God We Trust, a gruesomely funny spiritual journey which follows the adventures of God, Jesus, Mary –  and also includes some surprise guest appearances from a muscle-bound Conan and the Man of Steel himself. Viciously intelligent (and hilariously offensive) it reinforces his extraordinary talent as recognised with his previous book Pinocchio which won Album of the Year at the Angouleme festival 2009. A unique opportunity to meet this enigmatic Frenchman and to see him in action. (Winshluss will also be introducing the screening of the film Persepolis, which he co-directed). Hosted by Alex Fitch of Resonance FM

Tickets: £8
Satire theme
Supported by French Institute & Fanfare UK


17th October 2015

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