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18th October 2014

12.00-1.00 Venue: Comics Clock Tower

Artists design personalities with some of the most successful characters taking on a life of their own beyond the page:  take, for example, Hello Kitty, The Pink Panther or those Meerkats. Simples!

This year The Lakes International Comic Art Festival introduces some characters of its own, designed by master-illustrator Jonathan Edwards, to reflect all the different aspects of the festival. Jonathan and his partner Louise, aka Felt Mistress, are trailblazers in creating unique, multi-dimensional characters from pipe-smoking yetis and deer-antlered supermodels to a detective with a head made of clouds! Their work has been exhibited all over the world including at shows in Osaka, Los Angeles, Berlin and London and used in ad campaigns, music videos and films.

Jonathan and Louise will be in conversation with Woodrow Phoenix, delving into the mysteries behind making memorable characters and designing personalities. Woodrow has written extensively about characters, mascots and the designer toy phenomenon in various publications including his book Plastic Culture. 

If you would like to download a copy for this year's timetable of the Comic Festival please click HERE, this will take you an on-line digital version that can also be downloaded.


18th October 2014

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