Hayden Thorpe X Aerial

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9th October 2021

Hayden Thorpe X Aerial | 2pm-1am | Tickets £15 | Malt Room, Theatre, Digital Lounge and Warehouse

Aerial, Cumbria’s festival of new work, is teaming up with Kendal musician and former Wild Beast Hayden Thorpe for a very special day and night of events to mark the release of his brilliant new album Moondust For My Diamond.

Expect music, film, words and dancing in a packed bill taking featuring some of the most exciting talent to hail from Cumbria.

9.30pm | Hayden Thorpe (Theatre)
Ex-Wild Beast and acclaimed solo artist Hayden previews his new album with full band at this very special hometown show.

8.50pm | Jack McNeill (Theatre)
Current artist in residence at Brewery Arts, Jack is a clarinettist, composer and cross-discipline musician who lives in Kendal.

7.45pm | Lone Taxidermist (Maltroom)
Cumbrian artist Lone Taxidermist presents MARRA! Commissioned for Aerial in 2020 MARRA! is a visceral live experience about Cumbria, the Seychelles and the stuff they don’t tell the tourists.

Late Night Afterparty (Maltroom)

11pm – 1am | DJ Gripper (Bums) & Sierre B2B
Dance music legend and Kendal’s own electronic wunderkind go head to head in this late night session.

Free Afternoon Events

Drop in and out of the following free events, no ticket needed.

2 – 6.30pm | Deep Listening Party (Digital Lounge)
Immerse yourself in sound works inspired by the Lakes in lockdown, created by artists with deep bonds to Cumbria. Sit back, relax and enjoy an immersive listening experience and chat with some of the artists.

2.15 – 4pm | Talks (Warehouse)
Hosted by Great Place Lakes & Dales, join a public debate led by young people from the area discussing ‘what kind of place do we want to live in?‘ A wide-ranging conversation exploring possible futures for the South Lakes and Dales.

4pm | Film (Warehouse)
Pop in and have a watch of some short films commissioned for Aerial’s online festival in 2020 featuring work from Richard Skelton, Rob St John & Richard King and others.


9th October 2021

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