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1st February 2014

It’s fun, it's fast and it's furious – with all the deliciousness of diving behind the sofa when the Daleks appear on screen. You want more. You know you do. The children in the audience screamed and laughed with equal gusto. Review

A determined orphan, a satchel full of spine-chilling stories and a whole lot of rain! Dickens meets Roald Dahl via Horrible Histories with laughs, frights and live music.

Welcome to Tumblewater. Not that it’s a welcoming place – unless you’re an undertaker or an umbrella salesman. Caspian Prye, the twisted landowner, controls everything and everyone; even the police. Into this world stumbles Daniel Dorey, a fearless orphan armed only with his wits and a satchel of spine chilling stories. Can he bring down Caspian Prye? Can he rescue the girl in the distant room? Can he even stay alive long enough to tell his tales?

Suitable for ages 8+

“Teasel Theatre’s rip-roaring production is an exciting and darkly comic delight with a pitch-perfect performance at its core.” **** Edinburgh Spotlight

Edinburgh Fringe review 2011…
Devised from the novel by Bruno Vincent, Teasel Theatre’s rip-roaring production of Grisly Tales From Tumblewater is an exciting and darkly comic delight with a pitch-perfect performance at its core. 

With little more than a torch and a top hat, Edward Jaspers takes us above and beneath the rain-soaked streets of Tumblewater, a city squeezed in a dual grip by an evil landowner and a malevolent witch. Jaspers plays daring orphan Daniel Dorey, who arrives in Tumblewater on a quest to find his estranged sister and finds himself caught up in all manner of escapades and adventures. 

Jaspers’ performance is impressive here: with limited props and a set consisting entirely of a single stepladder, he successfully recreates all the dripping atmosphere and sinister mood of Tumblewater, jumping between the grotesque characters with ease and never once losing the audience in the process. Possessing an appealing charm and first-rate comic timing, his delivery wins over adults and children alike, although some parts of the tale he tells may be a little too dark for the very young.

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1st February 2014

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