30th July 2016

Ghyllside Year 3 students, working with artist Kate Reid, have created some celebratory bunting, taking a light-hearted look at the grimmer side of Kendal’s history.  Exploring images of knives, saws and pole-axes (kindly provided by the Museum of Lakeland Life in Kendal) as well as cuts of meat, students have produced some bright, pop-art style imagery to remind us of the yard’s dark past.  In stark contrast to the pretty New Shambles we know today that is packed with interesting shops and small businesses  it was the abattoir for Kendal and Health records in the 1840’s describe sanitary conditions as ‘The most pressing evil’.  With its foul drains and slaughterhouses, blood used to flow down the central path. Life expectancy was short particularly for children.  Fortunately things have changed and healthy young Ghyllside students have also made hundreds of textile sausages that will hang from old meat hooks.


30th July 2016

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