French Year 3

Creative Learning |
20th September 2019

Autumn 20 Sept – 13 Dec | Spring 17 Jan – 27 Mar | Summer 17 Apr – 22 May | 1.30-3.30pm | Tutor Florence Tourne | Autumn £126 (10 weeks) | Spring £126 (10 weeks) | Summer £63 (5 weeks)

This course is for those who have already completed 2 years’ study, and have some experience of the language.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught? 

During the course you will learn to describe your interests and leisure, organise an outing, express your ideas on a range of topics, talk about present, past and future events. We will concentrate on spoken French in a friendly atmosphere. A wide range of activities will be used to encourage all students to participate and progress: listening and repeating, question and answer, reading dialogues, role-plays, communication games and written exercises. There will be opportunities for pair and group work as well as teacher-led activities.

Important Information
Please note there are no classes on the following dates:
Autumn term: 21 to 25 October; 11 October & 15 November 2019
Spring term: 21 February 2020
Summer term: 8 May 2020

What do I need to bring with me?

A French dictionary would be useful. You may wish to purchase a textbook, approximate cost £20 but the tutor can advise on this at the first class.

Are there any additional costs?


About the tutor 

Florence Tourne is a native French speaker and has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge of France and Belgium with others.

Florence Tourne


20th September 2019

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