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2nd June 2016

Brewery Youth Artseen:

Anything but dyed in the wool! Alchemy in Brewery Youth Art classes looked at a range of Victorian apothecary bottles and jars, including ones from the Museum of Lakeland Life in Kendal, to inspire the bottle shapes for the textile dye cabinet in Angel’s yard.  Using the research from our team of heritage volunteers, we discovered that local plants such as Woad and Weld that were used to create the dye for the famous Kendal Green.  Even damsons were used locally, making a purplish colour and it is though that early RAF and army uniforms were dyed blue and khaki using damsons.  It also became clear that Kendal had global trade connections even back in the 1800’s and was importing dye materials from all over the world;  Cochineal (squashed beetles) from Mexico, Madder and Indigo from Asia, Orchil from the Cape Verde Islands and Old Fustic from Argentina.  We event know that materials were brought to Kendal via the port of Milnthorpe – yes…it was a port before it dried up!

Visit Angel’s yard and discover the coloured dyes that these wonderful names created.


2nd June 2016

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