Explore Painting With Watercolours

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3rd March 2022

Explore Painting with Watercolours | Thu 3 March to 24 March | 7-9pm | £60 (4 weeks) | 16 + | Tutor Karen Lester | Studio 3

Let watercolour paint create its magic! Explore Painting With Watercolours encourages a freer approach to watercolour painting, where you will learn the essential techniques of laying washes, working ‘wet in wet’ and dry-brush techniques with a focus on creating beautiful landscape paintings.

What will the class cover and how will it be taught?
Paint with minimal or no initial outline drawing, effectively drawing with the paint, developing your paint handling skills. Using washes and wet in wet techniques you will start to create simple landscapes, choosing colours to mix effectively with reference to colour theory and exploring ways to make lights and whites.

The emphasis is very much on practical individual experience with tutor-led demonstrations, discussion, example work and handouts which will support and guide you throughout.

Who is it suitable for?
All those new to watercolour painting, no experience necessary.

What do I need to bring?
Your tutor will discuss equipment and materials in more depth at the first session.

  • A suggested simple palette based on the primary colours, red, blue and yellow. Tubes are better, especially for washes.
  • Suggested colours: yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, ultramarine, cobalt blue, cadmium red, alizarin crimson, burnt umber. ‘Artist’ quality provide the best pigment but a good brand of student quality paints is also good such as Winsor and Newton ‘Cotman’ series
  • Brush- big round watercolour brush, size 14 upwards
  • Paper – 4 sheets of approximately A4 size watercolour paper, textured (may be labelled ‘Not’ or ‘coldpressed’). At least 200lb weight
  • Palette – one with big wells to mix washes. 3 old saucers are good to start with
  • Other –Big water pots x 2– eg yoghurt pots
  • Kitchen roll or cloths
  • Masking tape
  • Large style mixing palette – two or three old white saucers work well

Are there any additional costs?

About the tutor
Karen works across media, painting, drawing and printmaking, selecting media to respond to a variety of reference sources, particularly those found in the landscape, natural and man-made.

Her interest in Printmaking developed at Kendal College whilst completing a Foundation Degree in Drawing with the University of Cumbria. A recent project, a commission by Lancaster University and focussing on Morecambe Bay is a series of images using a variety of printmaking techniques.

She enjoys a freer style of painting and drawing as a perfect way to respond to subjects, excited by the possibilities of colour. As part of her evolving practise, she continually seeks to develop through exploration of the wonderful qualities of different media, often combining materials to create mixed media images.

Karen is an experienced qualified teacher and has been teaching in the adult education sector since 2011. She is also a Member of Cumbria Printmakers and Green Door artists’ collective.

Karen Lester






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3rd March 2022

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