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Explore Painting with Acrylics | Sat 5 March | 11.15-5.15pm | £65 | 16+ | Tutor Catherine MacDiarmid | Studio 3

Explore Painting With Acrylics teaches you acrylic painting and mixed media techniques working directly from a still life of flowers. This workshop is designed to introduce you to some different techniques, colour mixing, painting mediums, layering processes and boost your confidence with acrylic painting.

What will the workshop cover and how will it be taught?
Learn to explore and practice painting and layering techniques using acrylic paint, collage and pastels, working from an arrangement of flowers. It will cover how to start a painting with practical guides in mixing colour, using painting mediums, palette control and using different brushes and tools. How to compose and change elements of a painting during its process will also be covered.

The workshop will be taught through a series of practical tasks, tutor demonstrations, looking at work by other artists and group discussions.

Who is it suitable for?
Anyone who fancies giving experimental acrylic painting a go.

What do I need to bring?

  • Basic range of acrylic paints.
  • Range of brushes, some large flat brushes at least 1”-2” (household brushes are fine).
  • Small sponge.
  • Material rags.
  • Couple of large plates or trays used for palettes and mixing paint on.
  • Some greaseproof paper.
  • Water spray bottle.
  • Pastels (optional).
  • Acrylic painting medium (optional as tutor will bring some).
  • At least 3 large sheets of paper. These should be primed with acrylic primer prior to painting on as it saves precious acrylic paint.
  • PVA glue and scissors.
  • Overalls.

Are there any additional costs?

About the tutor
Catherine MacDiarmid is a local artist who has exhibited widely, including exhibiting in the BP Portrait Award for young artists in 2001/2.  She is an elected member of The Lakes Artists Society and appeared in Sky Portrait Artists of the Year 2014, 2018 reaching the semi-finals in 2019.  As well as completing private portrait commissions her work is collected internationally and works from her home-based studio in Kendal.  Her artwork focuses on the human form, exploring expression and movement in both drawing & painting. www.catherinemacdiarmid.co.uk

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