Art Experimenting With Inks

18 Apr | 10.30 – 4.30pm | Tutor Frances Winder | £63

Combine traditional drawing methods using inks with more experimental approaches to get to grips with this versatile medium.

What will the workshop cover and how will it be taught?

This workshop includes traditional methods of drawing with inks, including line and wash, as well as free and experimental methods, We use a formal drawing style and pattern designs for cards and illustrations, then free style sketching. Also multicoloured images and ink as a painting medium, like using watercolour methods.

During the workshop we start by making marks, exploring the possibilities of different actions and tools to use with ink. After this you will work on an illustration using graphic design aspects of ink. Contrasting with this we do some line and wash sketches, learning a relaxed technique. The last section of the day uses coloured inks and broader brushes in bold watercolour techniques with ink. Frances will do demonstrations and help with advice throughout the course.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need Black ink and pens (different nib thicknesses), also a waterproof drawing pen. Brushes, including a broad or large soft brush, and fine and medium brushes. A plastic sheet or newspaper for the table, and a drawing pad or notebook for sample testing or notes. You also need a ruler and pencils, one graphite, the other a colour, eg yellow, pink, turquoise or orange.

Are there any additional costs?

The inclusive materials price includes the following or you may choose to supply your own, or may have them already:

  • Paper of different surfaces, Hot pressed, rough and not surface paper
  • Coloured inks and Quink blue-black ink, straws and sticks to draw with.
  • Granulating fluid, salt and Magic masking tape (available as sellotape everywhere)
  • Plenty of paper is a good idea, you may also like to bring references or a sketchbook with you.

About the tutor

Frances is a practising artist and is involved in the La’al gallery opposite the Brewery Arts Centre on Highgate. Her work is in several private homes and in collections in London, Europe, America and Australia.

She exhibits in many local galleries and is a member of Green Door Studios and Kendal Arts Society. She opens her studio in the Green Door Arts trail open studios in September.

Frances Winder


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