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24th April 2015

Fri 24 Apr | Doors 7.30pm | £12.50 (£14.50 OTD) £11.50 U16

EDWARD II have been working on a new way to release music whilst exploring the heritage from their home town, Manchester.  

This project is as much about the people and places as it is about the music. 

Featuring songs written in the last 200 years, which have largely been lost and rarely performed, set in locations across the city, we will over the next twelve months go on a journey of discovery around Manchester. This is the place where most of the band have lived, worked and played at some point, and which was at the heart of the industrial revolution and reformist movement almost 200 years ago.

The rights that were fought for by people now long gone remain particularly relevant today as the disparity between rich and poor once again is expanding. We believe it is important for us to remember why, and at what cost, the things that we take for granted, such as the right to vote, the right to minimum pay, and the right to work in a safe working environment, should not be lost in the current debate surrounding distribution of wealth and exploitation of workers across the world. 

They will be starting this journey by releasing the first song from the collection, ‘A New Song on the Great Demonstration which is to be made on Kersal Moor September 28th, 1838’ (As per the manuscript below, that’s the actual title, but use Kersal Moor 1838 if preferred) on pre-release from Saturday 14th February, free to listen from Soundcloud with links posted up on the Facebook page and website listed below, and General Digital Release through Cadiz Distribution available on paid platforms from Monday 16th March. 

The first song takes us on the march to Kersal Moor, back in 1838 for the great reformist rally that marked a point in time when things began to change.  With the songs they will be releasing documentation, stories, lyric sheets and images from the time (click here for a pdf).  

For more information and advance copies of documents, hi-rez images & audio please contact gavin.sharp@me.com

Releases and info will be available from





Venue: Malt Room 
Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. 


24th April 2015

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