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19th October 2014

2.00-3.00 Venue: BAC Theatre

Internationally-acclaimed comic artist Sean Phillips has created Josephine, “the ultimate femme fatale”, as part of his collaboration with Ed Brubaker (Fatale). Rian Hughes’ most recent artistic journey was into Soho dives to draw Soho divas (Soho Dives, Soho Divas 2013). In a special burlesque-inspired event, Sean and Rian draw a live model and demonstrate the art of creating a fully-formed character before your eyes. If you enjoy life drawing please bring your sktech pad along and join in. (Very special offer available for Brewery Adult Education Life Drawing Class students please contact Box Office 01539 725133 for more details)

If you would like to download a copy for this year's timetable of the Comic Festival please click HERE, this will take you an on-line digital version that can also be downloaded.


19th October 2014

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