4th December 2016

Sun 4 Dec | 2:30pm 

Balcony £20 standard / £19 concession
Stalls £19 standard / £18 concession

Group discounts available:
Between 5-9 tickets = £17 all tickets, anywhere.
For 10 + = £16 all tickets, anywhere.

Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss is probably the greatest and most popular operetta in the world.  It perfectly combines bubbling melodies with an hilariously, ridiculous plot.  From the first chords of the famous overture, to the final rendition of “Champagne” the bubbly flows at a hair-raising pace.

Three years previously Gabriel Esenstein dressed as a butterfly went to a fancy dress party along with his friend Dr. Falke, himself dressed as a bat.  In the course of the evening, Falke got extremely drunk and the pair left together.  Instead of seeing his friend tucked up safely in bed, Gabriel deposited him on a bench in the centre of town.  When he awoke the townspeople were already milling around on their way to work and Falke became the laughing-stock of the town.  This work should aptly be called “The Revenge of the Bat”.

Falke organises a wild party at the home of a rich Russian aristocrat. To it he invites Gabriel, who is supposed to be in prison, his wife, disguised as a Hungarian, her maid, who is supposed to be visiting her sick aunt, and the prison governor.

Watch Gabriel get into deeper and deeper trouble.

Venue: Kendal Town Hall 


4th December 2016

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