Creative Learning |
19th June 2019

Tutor Janis Young | 10.30am – 4pm | £63

Learn how to produce handmade prints on paper and fabric using a modern version of the 180-year-old process known today as Cyanotype printing.

No previous experience needed for this workshop and so is suitable for beginners and early career printmakers.

What will the course or workshop cover and how will it be taught?
Participants will be introduced to a range of sunprinting techniques and be shown work by other printmakers, both old and contemporary.

They will understand the process and learn how to prepare the light-sensitive emulsion and how to coat the paper or fabric.

They will produce their own unique prints using a ‘mask’ made from a variety of objects.

Participants do not need to bring anything but if they wish to, they can bring their own image ideas and objects such as pressed flowers, leaves or small shapes that create an interesting shadow.

What do I need to bring with me?
Everything is provided.

Additional material costs:

About the tutor
Since studying at Cumbria Institute of the Arts (2007) for the BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art and then the University of Cumbria (2011) for the MA Contemporary Fine Art, Janis uses whatever medium is appropriate for the topic being explored. Her preference is for printmaking because of the range of imagery that can be achieved and glass for its tactile qualities and vibrancy of colour and form. She is influenced by nature, particularly butterflies, and interested in depicting things that we change or ruin when we touch them, such as snowflakes, smoke and spiders webs.

She particularly enjoys manipulating sunlight and artificial UV light to create prints using the 180yr old photographic process known today as Cyanotype.

Janis Young


19th June 2019

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