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15th October 2016

Saturday 15th Oct 11.30am-12.30pm BAC Screen Two

‘While Angoulême grapples with the concept of the 21st century, may I recommend @comicartfest? Same organising principle, none of the WTF.’ @AlexPaknadel

Women direct comics festivals and independent graphic novel publishers, head comic museums, work as comics academics, and feature equally with men both as creators and readers in the independent comics scene. The most proactive comics network in the UK is Laydeez Do Comics, and there are more women taking on lead roles in mainstream comics publishing, so is there any need to shout out about what women do? Or should women make a platform for others to be heard? As Rosa Luxemburg said: ‘The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.’

Panelists include Jade Sarson, winner of The First Graphic Novel Competition, Tillie Walden, author of The End of Summer, Johanna Rojola, the Finnish comics laureate; Hannah Berry, author of Adamtine, and Una, author of Becoming Unbecoming. Chaired by Nicola Streeten, author of Billy Me & You, and co-founder of Laydeez Do Comics.

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15th October 2016

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