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17th October 2015

4.00-5.30  Chameleon: The Art of Stuart Immonen
Venue: The Shakespeare Centre

Award-winning artistic chameleon and Marvel architect Stuart Immonen began his comics career in 1988, and he’s worked for most of the industry's major publishers, including Marvel, DC and Image in the quarter-century since. During his decade-long tenure at DC, in addition to writing and pencilling Adventures of Superman, Stuart illustrated the critically-acclaimed mini-series Superman: Secret Identity. For Marvel, as well as 2011's Fear Itself event, he has drawn such high-profile series as Ultimate Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and the cult favourite Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. After joining forces with Mark Waid to inaugurate Marvel's digital Infinite Comics line, in the Marvel NOW! era, Immonen launched All-New X-Men and All-New Captain America. His creator-owned credits include collaborations with Kurt Busiek on Shockrockets and Superstar, and with Kathryn Immonen on Never As Bad As You Think, Moving Pictures and the recently-completed Russian Olive To Red King.

Need we say more? Join Stuart Immonen and festival Patron Sean Phillips in a live draw event where Stuart will also discuss his life and work.

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17th October 2015

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