12th July 2012

Mikio Shibata is the head of Takao Saito’s publishing company, Leed, and is at the cutting edge of modern Manga.

Flying over from Japan especially for The Brewery Bunkasai Festival in his only UK presentation, Shibata-san will explore current trends in Japanese Manga, developments in digital publishing and the links between Japanese Manga and other media, including gaming and film.
This is a unique chance to find out more about modern Japanese Manga by one of the people responsible for its current development.

Following the presentation we offer you a choice of screenings:
The Professional: Golgo 13 (based on the character created by Takao Saito), Tatsumi (detailing the life and work of Manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi), or Howl’s Moving Castle (from Studio Ghibli).


12th July 2012

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