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18th October 2015

11.00-12.30 Breaking the Rules: Stuart Medley
BAC: Art Room 2 

Stuart is an Australian comics creator and University lecturer who was in residence at the Maison des Auteurs, Angoulême, France in 2013-14. His Great Tree was comic critic Paul Gravett’s selection in Adventures in Comics, 2013.  Clients for his comics include the UK’s Imperial War Museum. He is also the author of The Picture in Design.

Stuart will demonstrate that style is more important than drawing realistically when it comes to developing characters and communicating via comics. This workshop features practical exercises that demonstrate that the human mind can cope with the most outlandish exaggerations and proportional wrongness as long as categorization and identification can be preserved. Break the rules of depiction and invent your own! Participants will gain an understanding of how much visual information is necessary to convey particular meanings and how drawing realistically can actually be a disadvantage in visual communication.

You should bring along an idea for a character’s life: what do they do? What do they like? What is their back story? We’ll develop their look in the workshop. You should bring drawing tools that you are comfortable with (pencils, pens, or tablet and laptop) but also those you are less familiar with (try inking with a crow-quill or a brush that other comics artists might recommend on your favourite blogs) as the use of particular tools can profoundly affect your style.

Age: 15+
Tickets: £10


18th October 2015

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