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Creative Learning |
26th January 2019

Tutor: Frances Winder | £55 (£63 inc materials) | 1 session

This one-day workshop is designed to cover the basics, exploring using washes, drawing with inks, and using acrylic paint with rags and card to create your paintings. Perfect for beginners or those who want to kick-start their artwork after a break.

What will the course cover?

We cover using washes, drawing with inks, understanding paint qualities and possibilities, and we also learn to use acrylic paint with rags and card to create your paintings.

You will be taught by demonstration and by producing your own work. You learn to put on a wash, then adapt it with several experimental methods. Also you learn how to select a paint or drawing method. I demonstrate using rag and card methods in acrylic paint before you try it yourself to create work.

 The workshop is suitable for anyone, from complete beginners, re-starters, to people wanting to find or change their art style by trying different methods and going back to basics.

What will I need to bring?

All students should bring:

-Bringing reference pictures or any sketches you have done is useful.

-pen, pencil, ruler and spare paper or a notebook/sketchbook for information or rough ideas

-newspaper to protect the tables

-apron or old shirt to protect clothes

-an old jam jar as a water pot, and old plate or tin plate is useful as a palette.

– A stay-wet palette for acrylics can be made by lining a flat plastic lidded sandwich box with kitchen roll, and greaseproof paper or tracing paper. This will keep your paint useable for a week.


If you are bringing your own materials and have not paid the additional fee for materials, please bring:

-a palette

-black ink and pens

-Brushes: round brushes are best for water-based paints, one small, one medium and one largish, synthetic prolene brushes are fine.

-If you have watercolours or gouache paints bring them as they are good for the first part of the course.

-Acrylic paint (Tutor advice: Don’t buy a big set of colours from Smiths or the Works, buy basic colours of a good make if you need to get any paints. Permanent rose, yellow, ultramarine blue, Windsor blue, Burnt umber, black and Permanent white. You can make green.)

Please bring a pen, notebook and your glasses, if you need them.

About the tutor

Frances Winder is an artist living and working in Kendal. Her work is in private collections in Britain, Europe and America. Landscape based but with elements of abstraction.


26th January 2019

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