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18th October 2015

12.00-1.00 Arkwright – Where British Graphic Novels Began
BAC: Screen 2

Before Maus, before The Dark Knight Returns, and before Watchmen, there was Arkwright. Back when most comic readers were still shouting, “It's Clobberin' Time!” young Bryan Talbot already had far darker fish to fry. He was going to try something new: a serious, complex, intelligent adventure story for adults. The Adventures of Luther Arkwright became Britain's first graphic novel. It's satirical, intriguing, uncompromisingly violent, and filled with artwork of astonishing power and detail. Its influence was immense, and some say it has never been equalled. In this session, Bryan will discuss Arkwright and its place in the history of comics with producer and writer Peter Kessler, as well as showing some original artwork and answering your questions too.

Tickets: £8


18th October 2015

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