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18th October 2015

2.00-3.00 Architect of the Imagination: Benoit Peeters
BAC: Screen 2

Comics creator, curator, critic and Hergé biographer Benoit Peeters was born in Paris in 1956. From Tintin to Nouvelle Manga Benoit has been a major influence on the global comic art scene and has been presented with the Inkpot Award for Lifetime Achievement in Comics for his writing.

After a degree in Philosophy at the Sorbonne, he prepared his Master’s under the direction of Roland Barthes. He has written essays and biographies on Hergé, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Valéry, Nadar, Töpffer, Raoul Ruiz‚ and Chris Ware amongst others.

Obscure Cities, a graphic novel series set on a counter-Earth, was created by Benoit and his long-time friend François in the 1980s. In this fictional world, humans live in independent city-states, each of which has developed a distinct civilization, characterized by a distinctive architectural style. In 2015, and long overdue, Obscure Cities becomes available in English for the first time in the form of The Leaning Girl. Grasp this rare opportunity to hear Benoit talk about his life and work and personally introduce The Leaning Girl in conversation with comics expert Paul Gravett.

Tickets: £8
Parallel Worlds theme
Supported by French Institute & Wallonie – Bruxelles International & Fanfare UK


18th October 2015

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