Cinema Amanda (15) 107 minutes

24 year old David’s (Vincent Lacoste) serene life in Paris is abruptly fractured by a national tragedy taking the life of his sister. Beyond the shock, and the pain, David now finds himself making the leap from occasional babysitter to full time guardian of his young niece Amanda (Isaure Multrier), trying to resolve an entirely new reality with major new responsibilities. In a time of great grief, Amanda and David’s lives must go on once the headlines have faded. From director Mikhaël Hers (This Summer Feeling), Amanda steps from joy and grief at a moment’s notice, as a love letter to Paris’s fortitude in the face of destruction. Featuring incredibly affecting and sensitive performances from Vincent Lacoste, Stacy Martin, and promising newcomer Isaure Multrier. Curzon Artificial Eye


The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate


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