A Study of the fluidity of Narrative in its many forms: Poetry, Prose and Oratory

Exhibition |
25th May 2019 – 20th July 2019

by Emma Haddow | Intro Bar Gallery | Free

Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with stories and storytelling and their imagery. At school, I found most subjects a challenge due to my Dyslexia but found solace in picture story books and illustrative works. I loved descriptive words and how they can conjure up images in your head and how to get those images out from your head onto paper, where they can come alive. Seeing how an image can convey as much as the written word and also the relationship between the two was instrumental in forging my Artistic background.

I love my home, Cumbria. It’s so full of folklore that there is a story or something to see in every corner of it. Stories so entrenched in this land that you can hear them echo around you. It’s fascinating to be in the hills and think of the old ways, language, traditions and myths and how these things have been passed down through storytelling, songs and poetry. It was this that sparked off a love for words and what exactly they mean to me and what they can evoke in you. A transposition of the oratory, prose and poetry of experience into something more than words.

There is a creative buzz in Cumbria and I am so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who have inspired me with their own Storytelling, Songs and Poetry. Allowing for my own interpretations, thoughts and expressions to develop the Imagery I feel compelled to draw; therefore, using art as an extension of the narrative.

PeachesSail On


25th May 2019 – 20th July 2019

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