27 Jun – 30 Jun | 7.30pm | £10 | £9 concessions

It’s London in the summer of 1976 and it's as hot outside as the fashion, hits and passion are on the dance floor – the hottest summer ever recorded!

Disco Inferno tells the story of an ambitious and talented hopeful, Jack Flash, and his 'burning' desire to make it in the music business at any cost. Working late as a barman in a nightclub, The Disco Inferno, Jack meets Lady Marmalade – a femme fatale and right-hand lady to the Devil himself. Dreaming of becoming a superstar, Jack strikes a deal with her, trading his soul to fulfil his wildest dreams! Sound like an ideal bargain right? Wrong…Jack soon becomes an international success…a sensation – even making it onto Top of the Pops – but success proves to be hollow. Sure he has the fame and fortune he'd always dreamed of but is losing something far more important – the love of his life, Jane… One disaster quickly follows another. If only he could turn back time… If only he could make one more deal!

The show features some of the greatest hits from the 70s era including I Will Survive, Starman, Crocodile Rock, Play That Funky Music, Boogie Nights and, of course, Disco Inferno! Performed by a live band and the talented Kirkbie Kendal School cast.

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The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate


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