Why I’m looking forward to Christmas Tales With Granddad

Published 20 Dec 2019

I’m Marisa, the Marketing Assistant at the Brewery, and this is my first Christmas working here. This year’s Christmas production has been a really fun one to promote! I’m looking forward to watching Christmas Tales With Granddad by Pickled Image because of the charming use of puppetry in the show. I feel that puppets bring a unique feel to any production, particularly for children, as they create a sense of magic and a space for imaginative input; like toys that have been brought to life. The unique stylisation in particular of the production company is visually striking, and it reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas films- the stop-motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. The varied characters that make up the production are brilliant, and I like how narrative threads are pulled from fairy tale and folklore. The animal characters such as the donkey and pig will also be really engaging and popular with children! So if you are looking for something for the family that is a little different this December give Christmas Tales With Granddad a go!

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Christmas tales with granddad

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