Brewery Arts Centre

Jenny Natusch

Jenny Natusch | Sandgazer | 11 Jan to 23 Feb

Sandgazer is an exhibition of works by Lancaster - based microphotographer, Jenny Natusch. Showcasing a collection of prints and the original grains of sand captured in her photographs.

Carefully singling out individual grains of sand, and bringing them to the forefront of her work, the artist treats each one as a treasurable jewel, questioning society’s perceptions of the idea of value, and commenting on the spectrum of life that is missed by the rush of the routine, and the limitations of the naked eye. With a microscope and her camera, Jenny captures the detail in the naturally miniature, and focuses on the usually unnoticed, commenting; ‘although sand is one of the most abundant substances on earth, most of us don’t know what it really looks like up close.'

A story and geological history accompanies each and every grain of sand in Jenny’s studio. Receiving samples from friends, family and fellow sandgazers from across the world, her collection spans from samples of local UK beaches, to the far reaches of Antarctica.

Jenny’s recent progression into microphotography and sand-gazing has allowed her to move away from the competitive world of corporations, and focus on working for pleasure; returning to her artistic roots and delving into her curiosity for the microscopic.

Venue: Sugar Store Gallery